What's love

Me waan fi leave you long time Nuff man a search for your sign She say she love me till the end of time But that a not really have pon me mind

That’s it, can’t take no more I’m leavin’, got one foot through the door (But I love you) I had my doubts before I thought it through, now I’m gone for sure

Can’t let you tie me down I wanna have fun and mess around (But I love you) I gotta stand my ground

I hope for goodness sake That you would just cheat, make some mistake (But I love you) So perfect, [Incomprehensible] You gave me no reason to escape (But I love you)
Won’t hide, I got skirts to chase Don’t wanna be throwin’ it in your face (But I love you) I pray to God some days We fight and go our separate ways

Bye xD


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